September Update – Album Recording & Autumn Concert Dates

September E-Newsletter

Hello, followers! [Well, actually follower, singular. You know who you are!] The following is our most recent Email newsletter, sent out yesterday. If you wish to subscribe to this list, send me an Email at with “Concert Newsletter” somewhere in it. Thanks, Kristoffer.

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Month of August

Before three of our members headed off to college his past month, we were able to spend some time preparing for album recording, then laying down tracks with Bob Warren in Greenwich (Yay!). It’s mostly recorded now, and we hope to have copies available mid-October. If you would like to get on the reservation list to get one as soon as possible, please email me at, with an explanation to that effect. (No extra fee is involved, I will just contact you to arrange for pickup or mailing.)
Michael Raffel kindly took the nice photo above; Pictured left to right- Cole Boggan, Dan Salzer, Bob Warren, and Kristoffer Ross. Thank you, Mike!

Upcoming Concerts;

Cambridge United Presbyterian Church has generously invited us to perform at their fundraiser concert on Veteran’s Day (Saturday, November 11). Will will be doing the first act, with the The Racing City Chorus (Saratoga’s barbershop choir) as the second half. The concert will start at 7:30, and end around two hours later, with one intermission. More information will be available at the church’s website;
We don’t have any other concerts scheduled at the moment, but more are always possible. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

New Music;

Also, we have a few new songs posted on our music page,, if you want to have a listen.

Thanks for reading, have a great month!

The Men o’ War Balladeers;
Adam Shulman,
Cole Boggan,
Dan Salzer,
Michael Raffel, and
Kristoffer Ross


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