Hubbard Hall Ceili & Live on WAMC!

Hello, Subscribers!

We are doing a guest appearance at the Hubbard Hall Irish Ceili at 7:00pm Wednesday, March 10th, at Cambridge School Auditorium. It will be a special show for us, as it will mark one year of performing as a group. Admission is free, but you can find out more about the Ceili on Hubbard Hall’s Website

And, on Saturday, we are going Live on WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s “Hudson River Sampler,” with Wanda Fischer. We’re really excited to be invited onto such a great program. The show goes on air at 8:06pm (Not a typo- the news is at 8:00), Saturday, March 10, and we will be on for the first half hour. The show runs until 10pm.

(WAMC is broadcast over a wide listening area in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts, with stations at:
AWAMC, 90.3 FM, Albany, NY
WAMC 1400 AM, Albany, NY
WAMK, 90.9 FM, Kingston, NY
WOSR, 91.7 FM, Middletown, NY
WCEL, 91.9 FM, Plattsburgh, NY
WCAN, 93.3 FM, Canajoharie, NY
WANC, 103.9 FM, Ticonderoga, NY
WRUN-FM, 90.3 FM, Remsen-Utica, NY
WAMQ, 105.1 FM, Great Barrington, MA
WWES, 88.9 FM, Mt. Kisco, NY
WANR, 88.5 FM, Brewster, NY
WANZ, 90.1, Stamford, NY)

Thanks for reading!

~The Men o’ War Balladeers


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