Press Kit and Stage Setup.

For Event Organizers:

Promotional Materials

Here are links to high resolution group photos, our calligraphic logo, and our one-page informational sheet. If you need anything else, you may freely copy text from this site, and use any of the photos on it, but please give proper credit to the photographers for the latter. And as always, feel free to contact us for any clarifications. Thanks!

Stage Setup:

Our stage plot is flexible, but we prefer to have 5 arm-less chairs and two-three music stands. If given advance notice, we can arrange to bring any or all of those. Although it’s pretty obvious, please don’t have recorded music or a television blasting the room, either immediately before or after (or during!) the concert without clearing it with us beforehand. Thank you.

Set Length:

We can perform sets ranging from 2 songs to minutes, and two set concerts of up to two hours. Contact us and we can set up specifics

~Kristoffer Ross


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